Broken Rifle's Simon snared.


Deep into the Hwange National Park (HNP), the Broken Rifle pack thrives with nine fully fledged hunters and four pups led by Cusp, the alpha female, and Kisser the alpha male.

Inevitably trouble struck, Peter received an email from Tinashe who works with Wilderness Safaris’ Davison Camp. A painted dog has been seen with a snare wire around its neck at Back pans. Given the location we knew it was one of the 13-member Broken Rifle pack. Without wasting time, the team organised and took off to assess and act accordingly to the urgent situation.

It didn’t take time for our team to locate the pack when they drove south of the Mani Camp. Cusp is collared; Jealous picked the signal after Linkwasha on the Back pan between Davison Camp and Linkwasha Camp. Indeed Simon, one of the males of the pack had a visible copper wire snare around his neck. Every time we see a painted dog with a snare wire around it but walking freely we thank the higher powers and regard the individual as strong and a hero. Certainly a struggle occurred and it paid up, surviving the jaws of an excruciating death but leaving wounds and pain. Sadly we know we will be called out again.

After taking all necessary considerations, Paul successfully darted Simon and the life saving ritual began. The wire was removed, breathing another chance to Simon in the HNP. Our Anti-poaching team has also since been deployed in the area where the pack ranges to scan for more snare wires and remove them.

The grass is currently tall in HNP; it’s not easy to see the pups from any angle now.  The kudus and impalas are fit as ever in this time of plenty food and water, it only takes good hunters like the rare and unique painted dogs to take one down.