#Dynasties now in USA

Announcement to all our friends in USA! The much awaited Sir David Attenborough’s BBC Documentary #Dynasties featuring our Mana Pools study packs is now in USA. PDC facilitated the filming of the Painted Wolf episode for the documentary in Mana Pools, giving the BBC crew an exclusive access to our collared painted dogs packs. The same painted dogs also feature in the latest book by our Executive Director Peter Blinston and award winning wildlife photographer Nicholas Dyer titled Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life.

In the short exclusive clip below, learn more on how and why we collar painted dogs as Peter Blinston talks to the BBC crew during the filming of Dynasties' Painted Wolf episode in Mana Pools.

The #Dynasties Painted Wolf episode will air on Saturday 09 February on BBC America. A full program guide is provided here .