#GivingTuesday for Mpindo, they need your help.
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Today is #GivingTuesday, we implore you to remember the Mpindo pups.

The Mpindo community acted when they needed to, by calling us to retrieve this pack, which had denned and ate their goats. Through their action they saved eight pups and two adult painted dogs lives.

Help us raise USD$4000 today #GivingTuesday for the Mpindo Primary School children to come to our Iganyana Children’s Bush Camp for a full four-day camp next year.

The Impact of our camp in raising an environmentally conscious future generation is well documented and regarded. Our Children’s Bush Camp is 15 years old, it has changed the lives of more than 12,000 children, but only a third of these children are now adults and taking up active roles in society where they can influence change.

With your support, the children from Mpindo village will help widen that circle of influence and save more painted dogs in the process.

Painted dogs are endangered and need your support. Every act, big or small, to save painted dogs makes a big difference.

Follow this link to give your support and change these children's lives https://donate.wildnet.org/?fund=Painted_Dog&ms=gt_pdc

Or read our full appeal here https://mailchi.mp/…/phindo-pups-will-soon-be-released-but-…

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